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The SCF Zero Incidents Program

Plan for Safety…Every Task, Every Day


Every employee, regardless of job or position, is responsible for making SES Construction and Fuel Services (SCF) a safe and healthy place to work. The goals of the safety and health program are simple: to create benefit for our customers through world class performance in health, safety, and environmental protection and to emphasize the safety and well-being of our employees and subcontractors.

Focus Zero

In order to project a strong safety and health culture outwardly, SCF must first ensure a strong internal culture. The term Focus Zero has been adopted to represent this desired internal culture.

Focus Zero means every employee must take responsibility to achieve:

  • Zero Incidents (injuries and illnesses, property damage, and serious near misses)
  • Zero Adverse Impacts (environmental stewardship)
  • Zero Errors and Omissions (first-time quality)

Individual values directly affect and positively change behaviors. A strong, viable Focus Zero culture is achieved when employees take responsibility for their own behavior and for the behavior of every employee around them.

The key ingredient to establishing a Focus Zero culture is leadership. Demonstrated leadership in support of safety and health from the CEO, program management and operations is essential. The safety and health program will provide training and communications to facilitate the establishment of a zero incidents culture, but success is ultimately dependent upon each employee.

The Focus Zero safety culture is also to be communicated, encouraged, and adopted by our subcontractors on each and every SCF project.

In summary, Focus Zero culture is:

  • Defined by consistent beliefs, values, and behaviors among all members of the company
  • A value and not just a priority
  • A commitment – more than just a goal
  • A mind-set where any incident or injury is preventable
  • A philosophy focused on the belief that people have intrinsic value
  • The belief that relationships are the foundation of accomplishments, not just numbers and statistics
  • Viewing at-risk behavior as an opportunity to share concerns, learn, coach, and build relationships

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