SES Construction and Fuel Services LLC

SES Construction and Fuel Services LLC

Environmental Services

The roots of SES Construction and Fuel Services (SCF) are in environmental services. Today, SCF personnel utilize knowledge and skills gained over the last two decades to provide comprehensive environmental services including:

Shoreline protection of the island around historic Cockspur Lighthouse, Savannah Harbor, Georgia

  • UST/AST compliance, testing, repair, installation and closure
  • Remediation and restoration of contaminated sites
  • Environmental compliance
  • Treatment system design, installation and long-term monitoring
  • Groundwater well installation, monitoring and closure
  • Stormwater management and low impact development (LID)
  • Site investigation
  • Multi-media sampling and geotechnical testing
  • Hazardous waste management
  • MMRP services
  • Pollution prevention
  • Invasive species control and habitat restoration
  • Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments
  • Human Health Risk Assessments
  • RFIs (RCRA Facility Investigations)
  • Remedial investigations/feasibility studies
  • Remedial actions and interim remedial actions
  • Landfill design, permitting and construction
  • Riparian and shoreline stabilization and restoration

SCF is in the business of identifying environmental problems, mitigating and containing areas of concern, and preventing future environmental issues. We are committed to finding and implementing long-term remedial solutions in compliance with all regulatory requirements and with the professionalism that underlies our reputation.


Site Investigations of Emerging Contaminants, Multiple Air Force Bases
SCF identified and investigated areas concurrently at 10 installations for the prevalence of PFCs due to the historical use of aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) firefighting agents used to extinguish petroleum fires, and worked cooperatively with BRAC Program contractors to exchange technology in evaluating PFCs. Completed in 2015, SES companies have since signed additional contracts through three DoD agencies to complete similar investigations at 54 installations nationwide (combined contract value – over $27 million).

Lead Removal and Dental Clinic Closure – New Orleans, Louisiana
SCF mobilized field crew to accommodate an accelerated BRAC schedule for NSA New Orleans, and successfully removed lead-contaminated materials and surface residues from a mobile indoor firing range and a dental clinic prosthetics lab within the compressed time-frame. SCF received an “Exceptional” government evaluation.

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
Providing rapid response services to the Army BRAC program at Fort Gillem, SCF is conducting a high profile, highly visible vapor intrusion study and installing vapor intrusion mitigation systems in residential and commercial structures. Based on vapor intrusion air monitoring results from a local daycare facility, SCF responded immediately to install a temporary vapor mitigation system which was installed and started-up in less than 15 days from NTP.

Removal of 12 Petroleum USTs – Fort Campbell, Kentucky & Tennessee
SCF permanently removed by closure two fuel USTs, two used oil USTs, eight heating oil USTs, and associated product piping at 10 buildings in both Kentucky and Tennessee portions of Fort Campbell. The project included removal of Veeder Root monitoring systems (for the fuel USTs); removal of product piping; confirmatory soil sampling; and recycling or disposal of non-hazardous waste materials.

Stilling Basin Dewatering – Three Rivers Region, Texas
SCF assisted with fish removal and removed silt and debris from stilling basins at Whitney, Aquillo and Navarro Lakes as part of the Three Rivers Regional Project in central Texas. Two 12-inch pumps were used to dewater the stilling basins to 18 inches, at which point trapped fish were removed before the remaining water was pumped from the basins.

Removal of munitions and explosives of concern to a depth of detection at a former firing range.Removal Action at Former Camp Wheeler – Macon, Georgia
Performing under the FUDS program, SCF investigated and removed over 11,000 lbs. of munitions debris, 16,000 lbs. of scrap and 358 munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) items(M-49 60mm HE mortars) to depth of detection on 62 acres. Using geophysical mapping, over 40,000 anomalies were identified, investigated and dispositioned. The 358 MEC items were removed and detonated in 38 demo shots.

Phase 1 Closure of Lamont Landfill – Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Having confirmed the extent of the landfill, SCF placed a compacted 18-inch impermeable clay layer and an 18-inch erosion layer over 10.3 acres, installed gas vents in the form of horizontal well trenches, and installed a stormwater drainage system as part of Phase 1 closure activities.

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